Product reviews for Georgia Defensive Driving

Clevetta - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

The course was user friendly and convenient. I was able to complete in the comfort of my home and print my certificate once completed. I would recommend to anyone who wants a proper course with the option to complete online

Joan - Joan

Great Course strongly recommend to others

Madison - Good Course

I enjoyed this course and learned a lot of things!

Elizabeth - Defensive Driving

As a 50 year old driver with a clean driving record, I was not very excited to take this class. However, it was painless and I learned a few things.  There are several topics that were not presented  (or in existence) back when I first took drivers education.  I believe it was a great refresher course and will make me consider circumstances.

Ashley - YES!!!

I was hesitant at first because of the six hours, however this course was easy to partake and multitask with the read along feature. I absolutely enjoyed it all!

Colin - Colin- Defensive Driving

I really liked the course and was a good refresher.

Subith - Very Informative & Great Content

A well-structured course with adequate information on vehicle safety and laws in Georgia

Anthony - Great course

Great course with very helpful information.

kayla - drivers defince

it was a great learning experience and eye opening.

Kari - GA Defensive Driving

I liked that the course was self-paced. Good information for everyone to know.

Sherlund - Defensive Driving

Gave a lot of good info as a refresher. I would recommend to anyone needing credit for a driving course

Phillip - Great Course

It was very helpful and insightful and overall increased my driver safety knowledge.

Irene - I passed!

It was well written and easy to follow,

James - Never too old to learn.

Interesting.  I knew a lot of the information but learned some new things too.

France-Irene - Great course!

Ample information and training. After relocating, it is great to be aware of the new state's law.

Robert - Defensive driving

I'm glad to have learned this information.

Joshua - Georgia Defensive Driving Course

I thought that this course was very helpful and refreshed me on all the rules on the road as I have forgotten some over time.

Durant - Defensive Driving Course

Taking the course was Awesome and it helped me refresh on my defensive driving that i took for granted.

Quentin - Overall review

The course is very informative and the assessment was easy-going. This site was easy to navigate through as well as user-friendly.

Monica - Very Informative

I have been driving for many years and still was able to learn a lot from this content. Thank you!

Abigail - Pretty informative

I like it, gave me more info that I was looking for

Dylan - Georgia Defensive Driving Review

Very informative and straightforward! If you are needing to take an online course to lower your insurance rate, this is the one to take!

Wendy - Defensive driving

There was adequate and pertinent information needed to understand vehicle safety and laws in GA.

Brian - Great course

Gained a lot of information from it.

Tristan - Super Easy

Everything they advertised about this program is true. It's super easy, I can do it on my own time, and it was very helpful. I actually learned a good bit from this. It was well worth it.

Lauren - Informative Course for All Interested in Defensive Driving

The course was well-structured with statistics, videos, and multiple methods of delivering advice and knowledge. I would recommend to people interested in learning more about Georgia driving procedures and tips!

Rashad - Defensive driving course

It was easy and fast did it in 30 mins

Raymond - Defensive driving

Great I loved every bit of the experience great knowledge an definitely helped me sharpen my tools on the road thank you guys so much

Karen - Very Informative

The course was very informational and to the point.

Mallorie - Ga Defensive Driving Course

I enjoyed the course it took about two days to complete the course. All of the information was short and valuable. I honestly enjoyed the course the videos were a little outdated, however the points were clear, heartfelt, and impactful.

Joshua - Georgia defensive driving

it was good i learned more rules about driving and how to be safe

Robert - Great Course

Thought me a lot, as well as refreshed me knowledge of safe driving not only for the state on Georgia but for everywhere!

Kersha - Georgia Defensive Driving

This course had a lot of good information in it. It was relevant and straightforward.

Ana Kelly - Excellent

Very detailed and explanation is clear.

Elijah - Driving defense course

It was very informative and detailed very nice.

Yang - Helpful and easy to remember

Really helpful and easy to remember any knowledge of the course.

Jackerlin - Good User Friendly

I didn't realize I needed a refresher course, but I actually learned a few things.

Carlyle - Defensive Driving Course (6 Hours)

The course was very easy to follow and presented materials to help refresh my driving skills.

Volanda - Helpful

I am glad I took this course, there were some things that have been updated since the last time I took this course.

Syeth - Great course

The course was very informational and to the point. Excellent job!

Camden - Very Informative

This course was very informative for my son and myself!

Ayana - Defense Drive Course 23

Great course and helps to stay on point with obeying the laws!

Petra - course done for insurance discount

Loved doing this course, didn't take me 6hrs though, probably 2hrs. something
was fun and a refresher

Anthony - Fantastic course!

Very informative and excellent information.

Venkata - Clear and simple course

The tool used for the course is easy and clear.

Patricia - Defensive Driving Course

Better than sitting in a classroom. Can pause to make dinner or walk the dog.

Teresa - Georgia Defensive Driving

I thought this was a great refresher for me. I am 65 years old and I actually learned a lot. Very thorough. Very good job! Thank you!

Charman - Highly Recommend!

I would much rather do a class this way than to sit in a classroom and I'm a certified driving instructor taking this course for my insurance!

Wade - Great Course

This was much better than sitting in a classroom!

Jasmine - Best Course!

This course was offered digitally which was super helpful and
less stressful than trying to find a physical place to go. The content is very easy to read and understand!

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