Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Dylan - Informational

Helped to prepare me for my permit.

Christina - Price & Course PERFECT!

Great option to choose!

Heather - Good

I was a good course wasn't too long and wasn't too boring

Hectialys - Florida Drug and Alchol Abuse

I was good and easy

Joshua - quick and easy

quick and easy

Jaime - Good


Madison - Law Substance Abuse Education Course

completed the course

Owen - Good

Lots of info. Took long time,

Daniel - Good


Dine-Ashkii - good

it had a lot of info for me to study

Talisya - Talisya

It was a great course

Breanna - long timers

I read like 2x faster than this thing, but whatever I passed.

Jacquelina - Drug and alcohol test

The course was great it was simple and it was clear. I had no difficulties understanding the instructions. The videos were great. I was very pleased.

Keith - keith review

it was great

Chandler - Good

Had great context and plenty of info

Charles - A little long but useful.

The timers could have been shorter, but overall it seems like useful lessons for future drivers. The course itself was easy to navigate and relatively inexpensive at $15.

bradley - 4 hour class

4 hour class

Joseph - It was good

It was in-fact good.

Leah - i tried

i tried

Brandy - Amazing

Very easy and informative

Jaiden - Nice

Very imformative

luis - 🦾


Edgar - Great course

I loved the course. It was easy to understand and remember. I passed the TLSAE test with no difficulty. Would recommend.

Breauna - Great!

Very convenient and informative

Francisco - Great experience

It is a easy to learn course

Angelina - Easy

i did thatt

Nicole - course review

it was a good informational course

Joseph C - Strongly Recomend

This was supper easy I recommend

MD - Nice

it was helpful for me

Nyasia - Nyasia

Simple course

Elizabeth - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

The course is very informative for all ages. It also gives you time to read the question and answer it correctly. Question missed were obvious answers, good course.

Paul - Florida Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

The course was easy to purchase and complete. I was able to complete the course in an afternoon's time.

Rustum - Easy online usability

Straight forward and easy to use online testing.

Christina - fl traffic law substance abuse course


Kamryn - KT - tlsae for driving permit

Well got 80% on 1st try, doing it right after finishing the course so learned enuf to pass. Test is 50 questions, unlimited attempts. Some of it is repetition from having Health & HOPE in school. Pd$25.16 for both! (Find coupon) BEST PRICE out there. Mom SAW DMV had proof within minutes too!

Kenneth - permit test


Kenneth - law substance

Excellent course

Luis - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course


Richard - Great


Kiersten - law substance

very good

Santhoshreddy - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course


Luke - Review

Easy and efficient

Jordayne - Amazing helped me so much!

This was a very easy and effective way to help me pass my tests!

Jordan - great

easy simple course

Moise - Amazing course.

The best and very helpful!

Ronald Jose - Excellent Course

Course with all topics that you need to know about substance abuse and safe driving

Jahkaila - traffic law substance abuse education course


gillian - jill

i would definitelt recommend to a friend :)

Caitlyn - Good course

Course was very informative and gave more information than basic Driver's Ed that is provided in school. Focuses on giving some information on US statistics, not just FL.

Zoey-Ann - Informative and organized

I loved the included read along feature, it helped me to stay focused. I did the course over a couple of days. It was also well organized and easy to understand.

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